Fungus the Bogeyman


The Imaginarium and Sky One’s three-part adaptation of the classic Raymond Briggs children's story, which aired over Christmas 2015, charted the difficulties experienced by a grime-smeared renegade family from the slimy, subterranean realm of Bogeydom.

The family of gunk-loving jolly green giants – the dependable Fungus (Timothy Spall), his loyal wife Mildew (Joanna Scanlan) and their errant son Mould (Haydon Downing) – run into trouble when they become trapped in the world of humans, known to the Bogeys as “Dry Cleaners”. Their problems are compounded when they are forced to live undercover in the hideously sterile world of suburban Daventry.

Project Includes

Director & Writer

Catherine Morshead

Executive Producers

Jonathan Cavendish, Cameron Roach, Chloe Sizer


John Chapman, Ben Evans

Original book

Raymond Briggs


Tom MacRae, Guy Andrews


Timothy Spall, Victoria Wood, Keeley Hawes, Joanna Scanlan, Marc Warren, Paul Kaye, Haydon Downing



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